St. Clares School, Gort Rd, Ennis, Co. Clare

Sensory Garden

Here are some pictures of our sensory garden. It is a beautiful place to sit or walk and to enjoy the flowers and plants.
This picture was taken in May and because the weather was bad this year the plants and flowers are slow to come out.

This picture shows our secret picnic table. It is very peaceful here and we can sit and enjoy a little snack on a sunny day.

We have lovely paths that go right through our garden. We can ride our bikes all around the garden and it is so big that we never bump into each other.

The paths lead right down to the play area.
We got these new swings this year. The parents association put them in. They are great and all our children can use them.
Just behind the swings we have our Polytunnel. This is where we plant our seeds. We just got a new roof on the tunnel and the member of the Ennis Bridge Club gave us a present of the money to have this job done. Its lovely and warm in the tunnel and we love spending time out planting and watering,
We will tell you more about our garden and our plants in our blog.